A change in life

Category: Fiction / Romance

A change in life

The road of our life not always heads the way we desire, but do we have the strength and courage to take another one?

Rebecca Brown has it all: money, reputation, power... Yet something inside her just doesn’t quite fit in all that. It is as if something were missing.

When Jesse Grant, a cowboy who owes something she wants, crosses her path, she is very surprised with his notion of worth and value, and very upset for not getting
what she wants. Despite how absolutely impossible the man is, he is also someone who stands for what he thinks is right and who doesn’t mind to confront her because of that.

In the middle of everything, she could have never imagined that a person whose life runs on a completely different road than hers could hold such an appeal for her and could make her feel things she had not felt — had not let herself feel —
for years.

But with possibility always comes fear.

Is it safe for her to fall in love again? Is it wise? Is her money what he wants from her?

Only time will answer these questions. If she doesn’t give it a chance, she might never find out.