The Keeper

Category: Fiction / Fantasy

The Keeper

First book of the "War of gods" trilogy

Once every few hundred years, a newborn child is chosen by fate to inherit the privilege of being the Keeper of a magical gate that will eventually provide him with power greater than anyone can dream of.

Ansgar has lived his whole life as a farmer, unaware of who he is and what life has prepared from him. His life has not been easy; he has lost each and every person he's ever loved and has just given up his old life for a new beginning in a new place.

As he tries to set himself back on track, the path traced for him reaches the crossroad where he finally has to becomes who he was chosen to be. Without knowing it, he is hauled into something involving what he knows nothing about and has little interest into — magic. Not surprisingly, magic is just one of the challenges he needs to face.

Before becoming the true Keeper, he needs to act accordingly to his new role and prove that he is ready for it, that fate didn’t make a mistake by choosing him. The responsibility he’d been given not only requires sacrifices but also lots of caution. The mere prospect of power fills his road with perils and the most dangerous of them all is the one person who would risk everything to steal his rightful claim to the key and to open the gate, the one person who was chosen to take his place would he fail — the Second Keeper.