Behind the Gate

Category: Fiction / Fantasy

Behind the Gate

Book 2 of the "War of gods" trilogy

"Once every few hundred years, a newborn child is chosen by fate to inherit the privilege of being the Keeper of a magical gate that will eventually provide him with power greater than anyone can dream of."
- The Keeper, first book of the War of gods trilogy.

Now that the Gate was opened, the Keeper has to become who he was meant to be, and he is frightened. No matter how prepared or unprepared he was to cross over, the path in this new part of his life is anything but similar to the path he walked before. The scariest part is that magic will be a constant companion in everything he does – just as will be danger.

Moreover, developing his innate abilities and becoming the Keeper everyone expects he will become may not be enough to face the new surprises life has prepared for him. Those who will help him are not the only ones who had impatiently waited for his arrival. And the intentions of the others are not friendly.

In the middle of everything, Ansgar is not sure he will be able to deal with the task forcefully placed on his shoulders. Or that he will want to. Power and magic had never been the goals in his life and he certainly would change them for something simpler and more satisfying.

But a simple offer can change everything, including the way things develop in his past – and in his future.

The Keeper's magical adventures will continue to captivate you in this new book.