Lost freedom

Category: Fiction / Fantasy

Lost freedom

Alive at night, specter at day. That had been my life for so long that I had almost forgotten how it was like before.

Arani was my sister, my twin, my blood and yet, she was also a part of me. The part that stole my body during the daytime of every single day of my life.

I can still recall the first time it happened — the first frightening time I lost my body — although I can’t really remember much of the time when my body and my sister's started merging into one. It must have had something to do with the excruciating pain more than with the strangeness of the situation. Things had felt as if someone was tearing my body apart, painful part by painful part, and then trying to force each bloodied piece into something solid but incredibly hot.

After the realization of what had truly happened finally hit me and I understood the magnitude of the situation, my sister and I started our path towards salvation. We both will have to live with the consequences of what we brought onto ourselves until finding the one thing that will help us breaking the curse — a talisman.

But getting the magic object is only the first step in our way. Trusting someone to help us using it is the hardest thing we will ever have to do, and the first thing we must do if we want to start living our separate lives once again.