Category: Fiction / Urban fantasy


'Love at first sight' has been described as reincarnated mates finding each other once more. (Reincarnation Central)

An accident can change anyone’s life in a fraction of a second, and the changes may not always be for the worse.

When Allison Taylor wakes up in the hospital after a severe traffic accident, she is completely unaware of the consequences this unexpected event will bring to her life – consequences that no one can understand nor explain and that are beyond her physical damage. Falling in love with her doctor is only one of them.

A young, successful and good-looking doctor is not a strange choice, of course, but Allison feels that those are not the only reasons why she’s drawn to him. She almost feels as if she’s known him forever, although she's also pretty sure they've never met before.

Is this unusual feeling the result of the accident or is there more to it? Can it be that they’ve met before and she just doesn’t remember?