Books are a uniquely portable magic

-- Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

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Water an Fire
Water an Fire

For an antisocial artist, a house outside the city and at the borders of a small town may just be what she needs to get away from everyone.
The same house can however be also appealing to someone else - or something else.
What happens when Sarah finds out what is going on will keep you reading all night long!


Shadows of the night
Shadows of the night

Meeting someone new is rarely a frightening experience. Unless it's night, you are in a dark alley and the person you meet looks extremely dangerous.
But even when things get sorted out by themselves sometimes, there is always more than what we can see. There is always something more complicated and darker just beneath everyone's skin.


Coming soon

The gods' awakening

The final book of the War of gods trilogy

The Keeper's magical adventures will continue captivating you in this new book.
Stay tuned!

War of gods trilogy
Agua y fuego

La edición en español de "Water and fire" ya está en camino.
No te la pierdas!


Water an Fire


Alex Hart is an author born in Colombia, who graduated college with an engineering degree, moved to another continent in her early twenties, and likes chocolate in all forms and sizes almost as much as she likes writing.
Although her passion for chocolate is older than any of her professional choices and her children, she's already written eight books and is currently working in two projects: the last book of the "War of Gods" trilogy and translating her books to spanish.

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